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Peter Griffin

My Name is Peter Griffoen. I'm a bit of a strange person, I've had many projects and activities in life good and bad, but the Holsworthy Mafia has welcomed me and my work speaks for itself. I work closely with Tony creating comical articles. We work together very well and I love what I do here. My contact is: if you require to get in touch. Favourite Colour: Blue Political Stance: Labour / True Liberal Favourite Car: Vauxhall Astra SRI RED Between me and Tony, we founded the Holsworthy Mafia.

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  1. Politics is fucked at the moment. Thats why it’s important to vote in our local elections.
  2. It’s people like this that make Holsworthy the greatest place on earth to live ***Communitree***
  3. Quidditch player gets stuck on roof of Holsworthy school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
  4. T.D.C Recycling bins play game of hide and seek, as storm Callum hits.
  5. Vandals start destroying local road.
  6. Has Holsworthys greatest ever crime been comitted ?
  7. Theresa May challenges Starlord to dance off, for chance to obtain infinity stone.
  8. HOLSWORTHY sure knows how to say Thank you to the fallen. With a truly humbling and amazing event.
  9. Mayor of Holsworthy ‘John of Hutchings’ Imprisoned for the Greater Good.
  10. The Peter, Peter & Wright puddle to add shower area for passing pedestrians.
  11. Geography Teachers lose their minds as Britain fails to realise we are not leaving Europe.
  12. Devon agrees to pay off Katie Hopkins debt after she threatens to move back.
  13. Green Flats to become Charity shop selling only seconhand hairdressers.
  14. Holsworthy Town Council want to kill all Sea turtles.
  15. If you can take 5 mins to read the crap we write, please take 5 mins to fill out this form.
  16. Idiots in suits finally start war between Devon and Cornwall.
  17. Holsworthy to hold referendum on staying in the UK ….. #hexit
  18. Bude tourist attraction named as Eighth wonder of the world.
  19. Cyclists hold national day of revenge … Tour of Britain.
  20. South West Water signal end of tourist season by turning water brown..
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