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Tony Bigman
My Name is Tony Bigman. I'm a publisher for the Holsworthy Mafia, I love making people laugh, I enjoy comedy and I take this role with the Holsworthy Mafia very seriously. My email address is: if you require to get in contact. Favourite Colour: Red Political Stance: Conservatives Favourite Car: Land Rover Discovery 4 in midnight blue The content we create is original and is based around local news and gossip. I like making light of dark situations and the views and support we get clearly validate this. Co founder of the Holsworthy Mafia

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  2. Bed wetting Coward ruins filming of ‘Fast and furious 9’.
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  4. Holsworthy – Has become the KING of erections – Regional Scaffolding Storage Centre
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  6. Cornish Lifestyles and Information on Tourism Services to introduce ‘Captcha’ checkpoints at all border crossings.
  7. Victoria hill closes, 50.6 mile diversion in place – Thanks Devon County Council
  8. Bideford MAN parks like W**ker in ASDA car park taking up 4 spaces in his 4X4 – LEVON DIVE
  9. Man gives up and becomes a Hermit after failing to master the art of folding a fitted bed sheet.
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  13. Small Penis Group admit Graffiti, but we know its not them and heres why.
  14. Holsworthy Mafia’s sunshine machine is being sold tomorrow.
  15. School lets “special education” student keep crayons at end of term.
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  17. Whats a Rim Job? And why are they more common in rural areas? – Truthful Tuesday
  18. Here’s what we think about your post.
  19. Holsworthy Town to end St peters Fair with public hanging / fireworks.
  20. The Floss Dance Ban – What should we be mad at?
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