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Business Promotion.

We, the Holsworthy mafia are in the business of promoting the economic growth of Holsworthy !

We feel it is in the towns best interest to come together and collectively endorse, and promote our beloved Towns greatest assets.

In that spirited vein the Holsworthy Mafia are pleased to announce a 1.3% reduction in protection cost’s for the life-blood of our towns core businesses.   …   ie:- Estate agent’s, Hairdressers, charity shops and Public houses.


With reduced protection cost’s to these businesses we feel that more and more of the SAME businesses will come into our town, and in the process increase competition.




Pete ” 3 legs ” Griffin



PS: Any business other than those stated above will have to pay a 50% premium for protection :)



Updated: March 16, 2016 — 8:00 pm
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