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Truce Declared !

Holsworthy Mafia are pleased to announce that a truce has been brokered with the “Cobblewhick” brothers from the southside of Sutcombe.   After the long and bloody war between the two families, due to the “Brothers” attempted theft of the Holsworthy Mafia’s much beloved “Bernard”, A peace has finally been reached.

Peace was finally achieved after the families indulged in a “Tug of war”, which resulted in A Holsworthy Mafia victory.  The “Cobblewhick ” brothers agreed to a “sit down” after the defeat.

The two sides came to a compromise after the family hailing from the Southside of Sutcombe agreed to pay the “Don” a monthly tax, of 3 bags of “potatoes” and one barrel of homebrew.


Billy Cobblewhick said in a statement after the truce was brokered, the he was “more than happy to skim a little off the top of my lucrative Vegetable trafficking business for the sake of peace, though I firmly believe “Bernard” belongs with me”.


The “Don” was unavailable for comment.





Pete ” 1 liver ” Griffin.



PS: Bernard declined to comment also.




Updated: January 15, 2016 — 2:45 pm
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