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Holsworthy Mafia are Looking for a person with good shovelling skills !

Unfortunately for the Holsworthy Mafia our resident “Digger”,  Robbie “twinkle toes” Taylor put his back out yesterday. This misfortunate incident, occurred whilst Robbie was dancing with his wife Gladys, at Special Constable Camerons annual “Swine and Dine” ball.


However Robbie’s duties still need to be carried out. Therefore, Holsworthy Mafia are pleased to be able to offer this exciting job opportunity.

The successful applicant will need the following skills :-



  1. First and most importantly, the applicant will need a good working knowledge of the “Devon Shovel”. The applicant will also need to be able to use the shovel in a strong and professional manner.

2)  The applicant must have a G.C.S.E in maths at grade “F” or higher.  As the “Don” is very specific that any holes dug by and/or for the Holsworthy Mafia, are EXACTLY 6′ x 4′ x6′.


3)  The applicant must have a good working knowledge of “Duct Tape” and “Plastic Sheeting”.


4)  Finally, the applicant must be available 24/7 and supply their own Devon shovel, duct tape and plastic sheeting.


Applicants can apply for this exciting position by contacting the following email address .



Pete “2 lungs” Griffin


PS:   We encourage seniors to apply :)




Updated: January 14, 2016 — 4:02 pm
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