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Court case won at Affordable Foods


The Don was recently impressed with a Pasty he purchased from a local food source today. Affordable Foods opened up in April 2017 in Holsworthy and have brought to the town, food, that is affordable. He has always enjoyed the delicious savoury treats offered at Affordable Foods for an Afford Price however, disaster struck the Affordable Foods store in recent weeks.

The shop owner was asked NOT to sell these fine delicacies because someone was offended by the traditional Cornish smell and it offended his Devonshire heritage.

A massive court battle was brought to the European Court of Cornish Savoury Delicacies (ECCSD) and found the complainant racist towards Cornwall and was ordered to pay Holsworthy Town Council ten chickens, a hay cart and a semi functional donkey to which the Town Council will use to fund St Peters Fair.

The Affordable Foods Shop was also rewarded compensation in the form of low cost affordable Coca Cola crates and the right to sell the Dons favourite Cornish treat.



Updated: July 5, 2017 — 4:00 pm
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