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Sad News :(

Holsworthy Mafia are deeply saddened, to learn that Minnie “the merciless” Rubyford has been arrested.

Our ‘Gal’ on the inside of the ” WI  ( womens institute ) ”  was arrested on Wednesday 13th of January for possession with intent to supply ‘Viagra’ ( according to witnesses on the scene ).

In what was a surprising move by the Holsworthy  Special Police, the arrest was made at the ” WI ”  annual jam and janners meeting,  where interestingly Special Constable Cameron’s wife was chairing the meeting.

It appears that Minnie is looking at a hefty fine of £30 and £70 court cost’s.  So we the Holsworthy Mafia are looking to have a quick wip around to see if we can’t help Minnie out a bit.


Please Mafia family, lets hold Minnie in our thoughts, and lets not forget the detrimental effect the lack of Viagra is gonna have on the local community.






Pete ” 2 eyes ” Griffin


Ps:  Special Constable Cameron was unavailable for comment, though he was seen talking to the defendant upon her release.



Updated: January 13, 2016 — 8:31 pm
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