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Upside down Union Jack flag caused mayhem in Holsworthy

The towns people came together recently on a local Facebook Page called Holsworthy Moan & Groan. The towns Facebook page well know by the locals for posts of controversial subjects lit up on the 28th of June when a group member called Andrew discovered that the local post office was in distress and resorted to flying an upside down Union Jack flag.

Holsworthy Upside Down Flag

Upon further investigation, it was decided that the flag wasn’t a sign of distress, nor was it an insult to the crown, but a small mistake. A mistake it may be, but the Don was furious, so furious in fact, he went ahead and called a fluffy kitten a ”mongrel” to which he formally apologised to the insulted kitten by letter.

The don has instructed all towns people to understand their flags correct position and hang the Union Jack properly in the future or the 1970’s budget Trident nuclear deterrent will be deployed.

The flag has since been corrected and the town council have said:

We are so sorry. Honestly, sorry, so totally sorry.



Updated: July 2, 2017 — 5:46 pm
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