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CO-OP Court prevents the offer boxes from being moved.

The CO OP court of justice or something like that has put a block to the referendum result earlier this year on the offer boxes being removed.


These boxes placed by the check out have caused chaos in the time they’ve been there and we finally heard a referendum to solve this issue which was a landslide victory but the courts have found a way to block this.

The CO OP court says:

We don’t want to move them. It’ll cause us disruption and will make us have to work hard and we don’t want to do this. We want an easy life with guaranteed pensions funded by the additional sales these offers will generate.

The don had this to say

If we hadn’t of just sold our ageing trident missiles, you’d be bacon right now. This is not acceptable and the whole idea of democracy might be falling to pieces over this matter.

We are yet to find a solution but we are sure this matter will be resolved.



Updated: November 7, 2016 — 3:44 pm
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