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Its serious – US Politics right now – Words from the don himself.

Its a known fact that we are in a Cold War version 2. With tensions between Russia and NATO rising almost every day and the two most hated candidates for US presidency, what the hell is going on?

The don has taken a serious look into this to find out where we could be heading.


If the much loved Hilary gets into power, corruption in the white house will continue, not much will change apart from corporations will get more ways of screwing with civilians in the US. Did you know under the current US government, its illegal to collect rain water in some states because the rain water “doesn’t belong to you”. How the hell is this worked out? Well, corporate corruption and as long as government figures are in the pockets of these corporations, nothing will change and the land of the free will become the land of the free to do what we let you.

It doesn’t get much better. Hilary isn’t a nice person, sure, she would be the first female president of the US but this should NOT affect the way US citizens vote, but because of political correctness, its sadly one of the reasons she will gain votes. Gender should not affect voters decisions, but it will do.

She won’t handle the Russia / Syria situation very well. Everyone thinks Trump will press the button, but why would he? We will get to that later. We have a higher chance of seeing WW3 with Hilary in power and I’ve not actually been fearful of an election before, but this has actually got me twitching. A white house brand name, the Clintons, famous for… Sex scandals, corruption and a “suicide” where a body was found in the woods with no mud on the shoes. How did he end up there? Well, sure, he must of changed into some clean shoes before killing himself. What he knew would of brought the Clintons to their knees. The Clintons are CORRUPT. They are funded by CORRUPT corporations. But yeah, because no one can take a joke and takes offence at little things in life, she might just get into power. Shame on America.


Trump is an interesting candidate. He hasn’t said the best things, granted, the grab her by the pussy clip isn’t great, but he’s a businessman. What he says is less damaging than what corrupt politicians do behind closed doors, but yeah, we all fly off the handle when something is said. Trump wants to make America great again. Well, thats about the only generic Politics talk we’ve heard from him unlike Hilary who has said all the standard cliché speeches, “invest in schools” and “fight crime” and all that dumb shit that people actually believe. How they hell are you listening to this? Does this sound familiar? Does this sound like every election everywhere? Its like a school election. End with the generic speeches.

As for national security, Trump is a man of business. His main goal is to build a wall (yes, this is stupid, but he has a point, have you seen how easy it is for illegals to get into the US?), axe taxes, get the US debt down and most importantly, bring trade to America and make America a trading nation. Now, who the hell is America going to trade with when the rest of the world has been destroyed by Nukes? Or if America isn’t on good terms with the rest of the world? One of the first things we can see Trump doing in the next year if elected is creating some basic relationship with Russia, this is actually a reality. Putin and Trump are known to have met before and get on very well in terms of business. This would not only be great for the US, but for the rest of the world knowing shit isn’t going to be blown to bits because of a disagreement.

And as for Political Correctness, we the world, need to grow some balls and stop being offended by everything we see and hear. Sure, the internet might say some mean things that makes you hurt inside, but your real safe space is that scroll wheel on your mouse that can move on.


The worlds politics needs to move into a different direction all together. Hilary is part of that circle of corruption. Donald J Trump is that break. Sure, he’s not the most ideal guy to break that circle, its a bit like trying to cut steak with a butter knife, it can be done, but you’d prefer a steak knife however, THERE ISN’T A STEAK KNIFE, so we just have to make do with the butter knife.

Politics in general has just become a huge corrupt network of rich men and women who give 20% to the people and 80% to themselves and with BREXIT (a big FUCK YOU to the establishment) and now Donald Trump, treating to break this circle of corruption, things could change, however, we do have to remember, the most important change to be made right now is in Americas hands. Lets see how fucked we really are with some statistics below:

  • 5% of Americans didn’t know what date 9/11 happened on.
  • 20% of Americans believe the sun revolves around the earth.
  • 20% of Americans believe their friend has been abducted by a UFO.
  • 12 Million Americans believe that Obama is a secret LIZARD KING.

With these facts in mind, I think we can safely say, the America is too stupid to see the right decision even if its in front of them.

– Big Tony.

Don’t eat yellow snow. Trust me, I know.



Updated: November 7, 2016 — 3:29 pm
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