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Holsworthy Moaning Brigade calls emergency meeting over SHAM69

The Holsworthy Moaning club, recently branded as the HMRC (Holsworthy Moaning about Reality Club) have chaired an emergency meeting to talk about some serious issues caused by some obscenities with the punk rock legends SHAM69.

SHAM69 is a punk rock band from the 70s and was called in to the Shebbear Farm Music Festival to play a set at midnight but traditions say punk rock bands aren’t the most family friendly bands to listen too.

A spokes person for the HMRC had this statement to say:

SHAM69 where abusive and their music wasn’t to our taste and this makes them completely unacceptable. We don’t believe in what they called music. We much preferred the Christians, it didn’t hurt our feelings so much and we felt safer. When SHAM69 where playing, people where aggressively dancing which offended many of our members, their chants which contained abusive language also offended many of us and made us feel unsafe and scared.

Bands like this shouldn’t be allowed to play anywhere at  all. No one should be able to enjoy this music if the HMRC doesn’t enjoy the performance, after all, we are looking out for you all.

The event managers who placed SHAM69 right after The Christians have also received many complaints saying it was irresponsible and many people could of been “deeply offended” causing a long term issue of “being offended” and having to go to their “safe space” to calm down.

Meanwhile, the don of the Mafia has taken a huge liking into Punk Rock bands and really enjoyed their performance as did the rest of the Holsworthy Mafia who where spectating the event. The don believes freedom of music is important and events such as the Shebbear Farm Music Festival brings many cultures together and in most instances, it’s brilliant and makes for an amazing atmosphere.

The mafia completely support the event and have no criticism. The event was amazing, the staff where good and the toilets provided where above acceptable for the type of event. Portapotties are so unacceptable.

we look forward to visiting the 2017 event and hope to see more variety like this. It was absolutely amazing.





Updated: September 4, 2016 — 2:10 pm
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