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Martin McColls submits plans to replace flickering light by 2021.

2014-07-28-09.00.26The owner of Martin McCols has announced this week that their till lights will be replaced by 2021. This comes after almost every person who walked in left with a headache to go with their morning news paper.

The long term costs of replacing the flickering tube come to a frightening £3.72 including shipping. Its because of such high costs (£3.72) that the light has remained untouched for this long.

The time taken to replace one of these tubes also needs to be taken into account. Our Mafia HQ took 15 minutes to replace 6 of these bulbs.

When costs and time are taken into account, and the fact it only gives people migraines, makes them feel sick and is just annoying to anyone waiting in the que right underneath this horrible light clearly isn’t enough to warrant replacing it at said cost and said time (£3.72 & a couple of minutes).

Just incase you think our costs are inaccurate, heres a tube light that would be suitable. If its not, the only other choices are even cheaper still!!!

Go on McCols – Get your lights by your till sorted! Be a cool person.

Heres a link to buy one.



Updated: August 23, 2016 — 4:58 pm
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