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Towns people to arrange event so they can moan.

angry-old-personA controversial event is to take place in Holsworthy this week. The event called Moan 4 Holsworthy is an event which will be well advertised through all the town and will feature people just moaning about eachother and cool events put on in Holsworthy.

The even will take place in the Holsworthy Social Club where the top moaners will come to complain about more things in Holsworthy.

This comes after a second summer event was targeted by these moaners who left the atmosphere negative after a cool event was put on. The Moan 4 Holsworthy event will hopefully give these people something to moan about.

The event is gaining support from mainly tight people who have lots of money but want free things as well as people who don’t do nothing with their lives and also want free things.

For more information about the Moan 4 Holsworthy event, contact your nearest moaner on Holsworthy Moan & Groan. The event will of course be £2 entry fee, the decision was made to create a fast and simple topic for the meeting.



Updated: August 14, 2016 — 5:14 pm
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