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Holsworthy to ban the future!

static1.squarespace1The town council of Holsworthy have decided the place a complete ban on the future. The elderly people of Holsworthy outvoted by the younger generation by 70% believe the future is a problem and things should stay exactly as they are.

One gentleman said

I’m fed up with technology in cars. Bloody things, theres too many buttons to press and I cant even find out how to listen to Heart Radio. Back in my day, we had a knob we tweaked with.

Another gentleman had this to say

If we keep everything as it is now, we don’t have to worry what will happen tomorrow, its great. I can live in peace from today.

The future has been nothing but problems and we cannot live with another change. Its official, any changes due to be made will be cancelled and the conservation officer has announced the whole town is now covered under the conservation laws and changes must not be made. Anyone caught smuggling in any device, clothing, car, bike or anything newer than today will be banished from Holsworthy.



Updated: July 20, 2016 — 5:16 pm
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