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Holsworthy townspeople in massive panic over “ball in the sky”


Townspeople of Holsworthy have been left scared for their lives as a massive ball rose to the sky this morning. A reporter for the Mafia found many people where scared to leave their homes and even created shelter from this scary bright skyball.

Other local towns had to calm Holsworthy townspeople after it was discovered the ball in the sky is a rare phenomenon called “summer”. The ball in the sky that let the towns people scared for their lives was just the sun. For those who are unaware, the sun is a big ball of fire 92m miles away from the earth. It brings us daylight and warm weather, but Holsworthy lives under clouds so the sun is rarely visible.

Many older folk from the town remember the great summer of 1989 where the sun was visible for over 5 long hours. It had similar results back then as it did today.



Updated: July 18, 2016 — 7:43 pm
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