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Mafia to tackle Boy Racer problems.

b5b2060dcc1f487f3ae92bdc8c35ad5aIts been announced that boy racers could be in serious trouble. A meeting chaired by the don brought forward some changes to the Mafias running policy of Holsworthy and boy racers where brought to attention.


The average Holsworthy boy racer

The boy racers commonly drive crappy little 1.1ltr to 1.4ltr cars with crap mods such as ”cool wheels bro” and ”sick subs dude”. These cars have been causing a problem, even with hormone enraged acne covered douchbags driving them with lead boots, they still cause delays and prevent 82 year old Melvin in his Ford Fusion from getting his border line racist far right newspaper in the morning.

The Mafia are to be using new stealth drone technology to monitor the boy racers and end their terror on the town. These drones will deploy naked pictures of super models which we hope will distract the hormone enraged douchbags into the nearest lamp post or hedge.



Updated: July 16, 2016 — 9:46 pm
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