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We’re changing – Well, a little bit anyway.

FNMA-ChangesThe Holsworthy Mafia enjoys taking the mick as much as anyone else does but things are going to be changing soon. Our website will remain the same and we will be taking the mick but over the course of a few months, we will be looking for journalists with creative minds to help come up with some daily or weekly content for the town to enjoy.

The purpose of the Holsworthy Mafia was to be able to freely enjoy a good rant and a good laugh within the towns community at no ones expense, and that will continue, but three of us cannot alone come up with enough stories to keep the Holsworthy Mafia posting daily. Its sometimes takes weeks to find some rock solid content and even then, some of our posts contain about as much interesting content as a garden pea.

Content will improve and we will be following local trends and digging up local issues to raise awareness among the community. Its needed and the comedy posts could play a good role in raising awareness of the towns issues.

Peace out – Tony Bigman.



Updated: July 15, 2016 — 8:18 pm
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