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Food Review – Stunning quality hot dogs.


We the Holsworthy Mafia, in particular, myself (Big Tony) loves a good hot dog and when St Peters Fair is in town, there’s no better place than the Holsworthy Lions hot dog stand.

The hot dogs are not only good value, but come with a wide range of sauces… Tomato & Mustard. This is much wider than our Dons BBQ last week where tomato sauce seemed to be the only option. As well as the lovely tomato sauce, the sausages of the Lions BBQ stand where absolutely delicious. Never in my life have I had such a scrumptious hot dog and then topped with cheese and onions (thats right, I have a cheesy hot dog…), its the bomb.

The stand in the square which comes annually to St Peters Fair promises both hot dogs and burgers, the mafia are yet to try one of these burgers, but we do have future plans to purchase one of these.



Updated: July 6, 2016 — 9:09 am
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