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Budget 2016 – Holsworthy Mafia

Today is a big day. 22nd of March is the official date for the Mafia budget. We’ve made some great changes to the budget for this year and last years budgets allowance for a website has been the best thing we’ve done, so heres some basic information on the 2016 budget and how it affects the town of Holsworthy.

Each year, through interest on loans, buying and selling of “legitimate stock”, we pull in collectively around £30,000 last year. Last years budget allowed money to be invested into the Mexican brick industry leading to a growth in their towns local economy. Its also had a return already bring us back several thousand. This year, with everything taken into account, we have a budget of £34.500. So heres what we’ve got planned for this year:

  • Weapon / Arms funding for 2016:

We’ve taken a look at how much weaponry we’ve used in the last 24 months to give an estimated figure of whats likely to be used this year. Last year, we spent £12,000 on weapons, but this year, we will be lowing this down to £8,000. The £8,000 will be mainly spent on servicing our current inventory. Our AK47 Assault Rifles are in good condition and our collection of antique shot guns are also in good working order with no servicing scheduled. Our ammo stacks are fully loaded and our trident plan is yet to be put forward to the don, so this doesn’t need to be counted in the 2016 budget. We estimate Holsworthys trident plan will be put in action when Hinkley Points new plant is created, that way, we can buy the materials from the current plant at a reduced rate.

  • Advertising Budget

Every office or organisation needs an advertising budget. We will be advertising with Facebook and Google. Our budget is currently £500 per year, we are stepping this up to £800 per year. We would like to get more post engagements with the public of Holsworthy town.

  • Fuels such as electricity, diesel and kerosine.

This will be raised to £7,000 per year to accommodate our new manufacturing facilities. Also, our new truck has a volkswagen eco engine, so we’ve had to double our fuel allowance to accommodate this.

  • Community projects

Our community projects will £16,000. This includes robberies, restoration of the well pump chairs and any other activities in the area that are carried out as well as unexpected bills.


That concludes the 2016/17 budget of the Holsworthy Mafia.



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