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A Reptile Dysfunction !!!

Panther chameleon at the Lincoln Children's Zoo

Panther chameleon at the Lincoln Children’s Zoo

Sorry for the lack of post recently folks.  We the Holsworthy Mafia have had to go to “The Mattresses” for the last week or so. Due to our ongoing feud with the “Bude Bloods”.

However besides that fact, the “Don” has a request. …..  Please read the following statement released by our commander in chief :-

Hello, the “Holsworthy Mafia”.

Some of the many creatures the “Don” keeps in his menagerie ( besides the still missing “Sparkles” ) are his prized pair of Reticulated Python’s, “Bevin and Nelly”.  However “Bevin” his beloved male reticulated python has developed something of an issue when it comes to mating recently.

Despite repeated attempts by the “Don” to encourage the pair, it’s seems “Bevin” can’t get his MOJO working when in the company of “Nelly”.  In a frustrating turn of event’s, it appears that “Bevin” is suffering from a rare reptile form of impotence.

Upon learning this information, the “Don” is asking, that anyone with experience of reptile mating get in-touch with the “Holsworthy Mafia” as soon as possible.

This is a project that is very close to the “Dons” heart, as he spent many months making sure their glass house was suitable for their very simple needs.

Anyone with any information will be rewarded handsomely with a 6 months admission, to both the “Holsworthy Mafia” …  And A 6 month admission to the “Freemasons”.

The “Don”, and we the “Holsworthy Mafia” look forward to hearing from you.


Pete “1 gall bladder” Griffin

PS: If it looks like a snake; behaves like a snake and talks like a snake ………..  IT’S a SNAKE !





Updated: May 25, 2018 — 9:05 am
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