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Getaway Driving lessons.

Great news folks !   Our resident getaway driver  Alan “Red Top” Saucisse, has decided to offer lessons for the more discerning getaway driver.


Alan will provide these lessons, at a cost of £10 per hour. So we can be competitive with the Sutcombe Southside crew ( who all drive Vauxhalls btw …..Ed ).


If you are interested in this exciting opportunity, then please contact the “Holsworthy Mafia” using our Email address ( we look forward to hearing from you ).


Please note; the Holsworthy Mafia have asked me to point out that Alan’s lessons will be £20 cheaper than “Normal” driving lessons.  And as such, will give Holsworthy’s younger generation an opportunity to get in touch with their inner criminal-self at an earlier stage in their lives.


We, the Holsworthy Mafia feel these lessons will have a great and wonderful impact on our beloved town.




Pete ” 1 mouth ” Griffin


PS:   However, I must point out, that the bureaucrats at the DVLA do not ( for reasons, known only to themselves ) recognise Alan’s “Getaway Driver certificate”.




Updated: March 16, 2016 — 8:00 pm
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