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Great news :- The Bank job is still on !

The “Don” is greatly excited to announce that tomorrow’s “Bank Job”, is still on.


After speaking to our source in the Holsworthy police department  ‘Sterling “2 pence” Tatum’, we the Holsworthy Mafia have learnt that the roads around Black Torrington are not as “slippy” and “mud covered” as we were first led to believe. This means that the “Job” is a GO !


So the “Don” is asking the following members to carry out the following mission’s.


Dave “the plumber” Nomaize, to arrange the getaway vehicles, ( the “Don” likes Fiat 500’s )


Jim “the rabbit” Roedeer, to make sure that there is enough “Lettuce and beer” to make the heist go smoothly.


Dangerous “Dave” Millman, to pop into Nick “the greek” Uncle, to get a few pasties. That way the munchies are taken care off  ( btw sorry about the Chrysanthemum’s )


Pete “the kipper” Smith, to pop into the Factory shop and buy 6 balaclavas and a pot of hand sanitizer.


And finally.


The “Don” asks that Nevin “the wasp” Glazier has the buyers ready. As once the job is done, the “Don” wants to offload the loot quickly, so that he can be home in time to watch “American Pickers” on “Dave” (Freeview channel 12).





Pete ” 1 ankle ” Griffin.




PS:  All members are asked to meet in the “Memorial Hall” car park at 10:00 am, PROMT.








Updated: March 16, 2016 — 8:00 pm
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