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The Old show field…. The personal thoughts of Richard ‘Doc’ Brown.

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I do not feel that the town council should let the matter of the old show field drop!

Once again Torridge district council has treated Holsworthy, it’s town and district councillors, and all the council tax payers they represent, with total CONTEMPT.

Letters of complaint should be sent, not just to the head of paid services at TDC, and the political leadership there (because their behaviour is at fault) but to the local government ombudsman as well. Because the overall contempt for democratic procedures that has been displayed sets a shocking example for all Torridges dealings with other councils and representative bodies. They just can’t be trusted, and attention must be drawn to this pattern of behaviour.  The result has been that the last substantial green site within Holsworthy parish boundaries (not already earmarked for development) has been arbitrarily removed from the control of the Town council – in direct contradiction of all previous agreements going back decades now. It is a shocking decision.

With due respect, I believe that the Mayor displayed her naivety and inexperience, when she attended the meeting at TDC so ‘conveniently’ arranged to coincide with her visit. The invitation for which did not come through the usual channels. Thus cutting out OUR officers.

TDC is seeking to claim that she has condoned their actions. Even if that was or is the case, the mayor has NO authority to do so. It was a spurious act of obfuscation by a council desperate to do an unscrupulous deal, and renege on previous undertakings.

Recent events indicate that this is not unusual for TDC, which displays incompetence and arrogance in equal measure, with dire consequences for the local electorate.

TDC’s latest fiasco, wherein they have lost (badly) a court case with Kivells (their tenants at the livestock market) does not come as a surprise. As usual, TDC arrogantly failed to honour their commitments, and despite Kivells very honourably offering various solutions which avoided court time for both parties, TDC tried to blag it’s way out of it’s problems, with disastrous results for the local council tax payers.

Kivells are far from the villains here, and, indeed, it is my understanding that large cost’s have been added to TDC’s bills, as a penalty for failing to accept and at least negotiate on the compromises suggested. Large numbers of the elected Torridge councillors (particularly those only returned last may) have been kept in the dark on this matter for months. If I was still a TDC member, I would be baying for the resignations of the head of paid services, the solicitors, and any other senior officers involved in this farce. The current leader and the deputy leader should also resign, as they appear to have condoned their officers course of action without due consultation with their members. In fact, I also understand that the elected member for the Holsworthy ward Mr Jon Hutchings, tried very hard to find out what was happening, and was told, quote: “it’s none of your business” A rough figure of 1.1 million pounds has been mentioned.





There are the personal thoughts of Richard ‘Doc’ brown.



Updated: November 9, 2019 — 11:06 am
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