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Man with small appendage fits loud exhaust to hairdryer to impress the ladies


A local boy has decided to speak out loudly about the issue he shares with a large portion of the UK population by fitting a loud exhaust to his motorcycle, or in the proper term, hairdryer.

Mr Ivor Smallpiece spoke out about his serious lack of appendage, and how it routinely affects his day to day life. He has found the only way to make up for it is to be as loud as possible, in every single way.

Mr Smallpiece decided a few weeks ago to fit a super loud exhaust to what is essentially a 125cc hairdryer with gears to impress the ladies, in an attempt to fool them into thinking he’s a well equipped man of society. The loud exhaust allows every bang of the single cylinder to be heard throughout the land, causing annoyance to the local community. The noise was described as one of those farts┬áthat is so loud, it leaves you with ring sting.

We asked Mr Smallpiece if he had any more comments, he had this to say:

Grow the hell up you bunch of old farts.

Although us old farts do need to grow up, we have chosen to ignore this vital advice and have decided we will continue to act like idiots, its what we do best after all



Updated: April 26, 2019 — 11:46 am
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