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Tronald Dump.

We the “Holsworthy Mafia” have been watching the U.S.A presidential election extremely closely. Yes, it may seem that America is “Bat shit crazy”;  however upon further investigation by our fence Nevin “the Wasp” Glazier, it appears that there might be an investment opportunity in that magical place called .. “The land of the free”.


The ring leader of the insane bullcrap that is coming from our republican cousins, is a certain “Donald Dump”.  A proponent of a particularly rare, brand of “Crazy”.

Though, after watching one too many speeches by Mr Dump, our Fence Nevin, came to the inspired conclusion that there is money to be made from the “Donalds” childish rhetoric.


The “Donald” says he wants a wall built between the U.S.A and Mexico, and that Mexico should pay for it. Upon Nevin’s suggestion,  we the “Holsworthy Mafia” have decided to invest 78% of our funds into a Mexico “brick” building company,  called ..  “Brickin It”.


If the “Donald” wins the presidential election, we the “Holsworthy mafia” make money.  If the “Donald” looses the presidential election we the “Holsworthy Mafia” still win.  As we will supply the bricks that imprison the “Golden haired bankruptee” and his inbred, confused supporters  ( according to government officials in Mexico ).


Nevin “The wasp” Glazier, was quoted as saying …. ” It’s a win, win situation ”




Pete ” 1 brain ” Griffin



PS:  #feelthebern




Updated: March 16, 2016 — 8:00 pm
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