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The Great blackout of 2019 – The story of how we survived the power cut.


Holsworthy & Bude ended up in the dark, with no power or no hope, through what is being called the worst power outage of the century. Leaving many homes in the dark on the rainy afternoon of Saturday the 10th of March.

The power cut, which many are saying is the worst incident since the removal of the Peter Peter & Wright puddle on Fore Street occurred sometime in the afternoon, affecting Bude, Holsworthy & surrounding areas. Many are calling it the great power cut of 2019, the day the south west stood in darkness.

The paralysing blackout lasted a staggering 12 seconds leaving citizens of these local towns concerned for their wellbeing & left twatter users unable to tweet and Instagram users unable to share their over filtered photos of food, but this was the start.

1st second of loss of power.

Residents are wondering why their lights have gone out and why their internet has suddenly stopped, concerned for the lack of communication to the outside world.

3rd Second of loss of power.

Residents start to get concerned over how the next meal will be prepared, how the kettle will be boiled for a decent cuppa tea while the loss of power is solved.

6th Second of loss of power.

The British Red Cross scramble help and support staff to the affected areas, providing warm blankets, emergency supplies & a basic internet connection.

9th Second of loss of power.

The UK government announce a national emergency and start sending supplies to Cornwall such as pasties from the emergency pasty backup shelter in East London.

12th Second of loss of power.

The power comes back on, all hope is restored to humanity, a bank holiday is made in honour for the struggle of power to the south west. Many call this holiday Blackout Saturday.

Over the next few weeks, the government will be trying to establish what caused this outage, but an inside whistle blower has confirmed to the Holsworthy Mafia that Kevin, the apprentice accidentally tripped over a cable plugging the electricity supply into the national grid, unplugging it and having to plug it back in. He said he was sorry and he has to buy everyone at the power station cakes for a week as punishment.

The Mafia wont be updating this story, we are trying to sell our generators we panic purchased at an inflated price.



Updated: March 10, 2019 — 4:02 pm
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