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Stalls return to Holsworthy Market.

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We at the Holsworthy mafia hold our hands up. On many a previous occasion we have (maybe) taken the piss out of our local town council. We have in the past implied that they are a bunch of horny old folks that sit around all day smoking cigars and drinking brandy whilst laughing at us mere peasants. While none of this is true (obviously), we have enjoyed laughing at their expense (and tbf will probably continue to do so). However today several members of the Holsworthy Mafia happened to be in town at the same time, and unusually for us, we all came to the same conclusion. Holsworthy Market is on the up again.


Let’s be honest, when the cattle market left the town the market in the square started to decline a fair bit. To the point where last year a lot of people thought (us included) that it would probably stop trading all together. Well over the last few months things have started to turn around. No, it’s not back to it’s glory days yet, but the signs are looking very promising.


Today was a pretty typical December day. Not to hot, not to cold, fairly overcast and a little bit drizzly in places. Yet the market had more stalls on it then we had seen in a long time. In fact we all commented that there is a bit of a buzz circling the market again (no we are not on about the Mayors flatulence). There seems to be a real effort by all involved to get the market back to it’s very best again. We are not saying that that hasn’t happened in the past, there just seems to be a little something ‘extra’ going on with the market at the moment.


So we at the Holsworthy Mafia would like to say a massive well done to Holsworthy town council and everyone involved with the market. However, after literally 5 minutes of gossiping in the square, it’s seems that a lot of the current success is down to one woman putting in maximum effort. It turns out that this particular lady has been spending nearly every spare minute phoning prospective traders, speaking to current stall holders and generally getting shit done. So we at the Holsworthy Mafia would like to make a special mention of ‘Kerry Wilcox’. It turns out that along with the stall holders and members of the public, a lot of the markets current success can be attributed to the ‘Assistant to the town clerk’.


If you want to find out more about the market you can go to the Face book page Here:- Holsworthy Market


Here is a photo of Kerry Wilcox supplied by some random tall, ginger bloke.

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Today there was. A vegetable stall, a tool stall, a card stall, a bloke selling olives, Loz selling socks, lighters and all sorts, A bloke fixing bikes, someone selling seeds, someone selling fudge, someone selling stuff made from wood, Cakeology, someone selling kids clothes, Ann selling her meat,  someone selling gluten free cakes and someone selling knitted stuff. ( major apologies if we have missed someone)


It goes without saying, but if you can please support your local market it would be greatly appreciated. Oh and I suppose we had better say thankyou to George, Steve and Richard who help put up and take down the market stalls. We have been asked to say something about how the Market would literally not happen without them. Which we suppose is true.

We would have taken some photos but we forgot. So we stole them from the Holsworthy Town council and Holsworthy Market Facebook pages ( They won’t mind. They are all multi-billionaires living in golden palaces anyway).



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