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Local man inspires ‘I’m A Celebrity’ campmate to aim for Xmas no1.

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A local painter and decorator, and man described by Vincent Van Gogh as “the best he has ever seen” ‘Tom TJ Davies’, has vowed to help his best friend, and hetrosexual life partner ‘Nick Knowles’ get to the top of the music charts this Christmas.


In case you have been living under a rock these last few days (or Bude) the presenter of tv programme ‘DIY SOS’ Nick Knowles, has entered the ITV show ‘ I’m a Celebrity get me out of here ‘. The tv show focuses on a group of Z list ‘celebrities’ surviving in the safest Jungle in the world, as they are filmed 24hrs a day doing dangerous ‘Trials’, such as eating bugs or lassoing snakes. All the while they are monitored by health and safety experts, so that the actual danger they are in is incredibly small. Though it does make great TV.


However this year it all changed when an actual ‘A’ list celebrity, (singing superstar Nick Knowles) entered the Jungle.  Nick Knowles, (a man who Led Zepplin called their inspiration) has been a revelation since his entrance. Regaling campmates with tales of how he formed indie rock band ‘Biffy Clyro’, and also (and more importantly) how he met Holsworthy local, and person he is in a committed ‘bromance’ with, Tom DJ Davies.



Nick has revealed in one of his many ‘Bush telegraph’ talks, that his best friend in real life is none other than Holsworthy native and worlds greatest painter and decorator Tom VJ Davies. Nick explained to the camera, that he met Tom JJ Davies whilst filming an episode of DIY SOS, and that since then, the two of them have become inseparable.


Upon hearing this the Holsworthy Mafia decided to track down Tom RJ Davies, and see what his thoughts were upon seeing his best friend and soul mate Nick Knowles in the Jungle. He had this to say:-

 “When Nick first told me he was leaving to go to Australia for a few weeks I was naturally devastated. However after some counselling for separation anxiety I am learning to cope without him. One of the ways I have decided to channel my loneliness at loosing Nick, is to get behind the effort to get Nick’s smash hit, and a song that Adele covered of his, ‘Make you feel my love’ to Christmas no1. The push to get this legendary song to the Xmas no1 spot was started by the DJ who used to host radio 1’s breakfast show, before the guy who hosted it, before the guy who hosts it now. I really think that if all the people of Holsworthy get behind this, we can get my mate Nick to the Christmas no1 spot. All you have to do is go to the apple iTunes store and buy it for 99p. Just search for Nick’s song Make you feel my love.  I really do love this song as its what Nick sings to me every night before he tucks me into bed”


The Holsworthy Mafia ended our interview there as Tom GJ Davies needed some time to compose his thoughts. He was last seen wondering around humming one of Nicks songs whilst hugging a blanket with Nick’s face embroidered on it.


Well we here at the Holsworthy Mafia wish Nick Knowles all the best, and hope that he is reunited with Tom BJ Davies soon.




The Holsworthy Mafia will update this article when Nick gets out of the Jungle, as Tom ZJ Davies has 100% promised to get us an interview with him.



If you can’t wait to see Nick sing his song live,  then Tom QJ Davies will be Holding a Karaoke session entitled “Shades of Nick” this upcoming February the 30th in the White Hart. Where people will be able to get the Nick experience seen through the eyes of Holsworthys greatest painter and decorator.

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Updated: November 22, 2018 — 3:15 pm
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