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Jeremy Kyle comes to Holsworthy to film whole new series based on Facebook.


Holsworthy is truly awesome in so many ways, from our lovely little market to its people. Sometimes however, people start bickering and bitching. Normally things blow over within 5 minutes, but this afternoon, a development of grey moods has appeared on non other, Holsworthy Moan & Grown.

A massive statement was posted by a concerned resident of the town about another resident, and without anyone simply thinking to just ignore, move on and pay no attention, life stories, gossip and personal attacks have been thrown everywhere without any care who may be able to look and judge upon, and speaking of judging upon, I’ve been following this thread very closely.

Since the thread has now over 200 comments, mostly posted within a short period of time, we’ve had no choice but to call in the big guns. Jeremy Kyle will be visiting Holsworthy to film a whole years worth of the Jeremy Kyle Show in just 4hrs 20 mins..

The news comes as a shock to single moms who are currently dealing with their brats on half term, but thanks to Sky TV subscriptions (and screen shots 😉 ) this awesome shit-show can be recorded, and watched back when the brats are asleep.

Courtney-Mae, a local basic bitch had this to say:

Ever since I heard the news, I’ve been so excited, my partner is out cheating on me right now while I’m sleeping with his dad, we’re going to try and come up with the best story for the Jezza show.

Another Level 6 basic bitch who is only visible through snapchat filters also had this to say:

I’m well up for this, I have 4 teeth left and 6 children with 8 dads. My mum has been incredibly supportive, she knocked out the last 3 of my missing teeth by throwing her ice cold bottle of white lightening at me when I stole her baccy, which is epic. I think I’ll definitely get on the Jezza Show.

Jeremy Kyle will be filming in Holsworthy within the next 12 months and his producer believes that they will have the most success ever with Holsworthians.

If Holsworthy Moan & Groan carries on this way, we could see an ITV studio setup permanently.



Updated: October 24, 2018 — 4:14 pm
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