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Politics is fucked at the moment. Thats why it’s important to vote in our local elections.

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Lets be honest, politics is all kinds of fucked at the moment. The Tories appear to be fucking useless, and couldn’t organise a piss up at Oktoberfest. Labour are like that wet blanket you forget about in the corner of your bedroom, that’s smells funny and serves no purpose. The Lib dems ….. I mean are they even a political party any more?  And lets not even get started on the shit show that is Brexit.


That’s why it’s more important than ever to vote in our local elections. Local elections you say? Yep, like you we were baffled, until a white voting form came through the door. Well it turns out that on November the 8th Torridge District council are holding a by-election for a councillor for the Holsworthy ward.


Local elections are our chance to really have a say on the shit that actually affects our day to day life. Yes central government come up with the big ideas, but they don’t give a fuck about us. All they care about are their expenses, and keeping their gravy boat heading in the right direction. Local councillors are the people we see on a day to day basis. They are the ones who we can actually speak to regularly, and tell them our concerns. They are the ones who are gonna have to look us in the eye if they fuck up, or the ones who’s hand we can shake when they get things right.


If you follow this link you will find a list of who is standing:- Holsworthy By-Election 


In the up coming election on November the 8th we have a choice of 4 people, a Tory, a Labour, a Lib dem and an Independent. All of whom say they are gonna do their best for Holsworthy.


So who to vote for?  The simple answer is vote for who ever the fuck you like (honestly we couldn’t give a fuck), but we here at the Holsworthy mafia are gonna be Voting for Jon Hutchings (yes he’s a tory, but lets not hold it against him).


Why are we voting for Jon? no one is gonna ask. Well because he is the candidate I have personally seen day in, and day out doing a fuck tonne of good for Holsworthy. He’s the person I stood with at 6:30 in the morning (he’d only just finished work) and waited an hour in the freezing cold with me for an ambulance coming for a young man who was having mental health issues. He’s the person that at nearly every local event is working his arse of trying to help make things run smoothly.  Is he perfect? fuck no, did we mention he’s standing for the tories. However when it comes to local elections I reckon you need to leave party politics at the door and look at the actual person offering to represent you. Does he like the attention? Yep, he sure does. But if we want someone who is gonna fight for us, and deliver the things we want from our local council, then surely we want someone who is comfortable in the spotlight, and wont run away when it’s shined on them.


What about the other candidates? Tbh we don’t know enough about them, though over the next couple weeks we are gonna try and find out more. Is that gonna change our minds? Honestly probably not.


So vote for whoever you like on November the 8th, but please do try and vote. Because we all like a moan, and if you don’t vote you are always gonna get that smarmy fucker who say’s “well you didn’t vote so you haven’t got a say”


People may ask why we wrote this? Truth be told we were bored as fuck, though we honestly see someone who can really help Holsworthy on the District council level.


This is Jon by the way:-

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In case anyone is wondering Jon didn’t ask us to write this, in all probability he’s most likely reading this and thinking “for fucks sake lads”.




Updated: October 20, 2018 — 9:42 am
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