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It’s people like this that make Holsworthy the greatest place on earth to live ***Communitree***



Just in case you live on the moon (or bude) and hadn’t heard, Holsworthy won the BBC Radio Devon ‘Comunitree’.


Well today was the day for the official planting of the tree up at Stanhope park. On a bright and beautiful sunny morning the good and faithful of Holsworthy turned out in their thousands (about 50 or so), to see it’s unveiling. People were excited to see the ‘Wedding cake tree’ (Cornus controversa) finally be planted in its forever home.


BBC Radio Devon were there to talk about trees and planting for 3 hours, and many local characters also turned up to witness this monumental event.  This was all started by a lady called Sandra Willetts. Someone who shows what we as community can achieve when we put our minds to it.  It was thanks to Sandra that Holsworthy was nominated for this great honour, so if you see her in the street please do show your appreciation, by saying thanks (and/or buy her a pint).


Once people had assembled, it all started with Rodney Mitchell digging a bloody great hole, this was followed by St John of Hutchings and some fella from the BBC dragging the tree over to the hole and planting it. Whilst this was going on radio Devon talked to many of the fine people in attendance.


Holsworthy beat three other towns (who’s names I can’t remember) to be awarded this tree in a vote that was held by BBC Radio Devon.

All in all, it was quite marvellous to behold, and the tree and the people involved are a great credit to our amazing market town.



Here’s a pic of the tree in question.

----- -


The tree will be joined by 39 more trees, and an Apple tree for the living on October the 30th (the town council are still looking for volunteers. Check out their facebook page for more details), these trees will be planted to commemorate the fallen from WW1, and will be located all around the park.


All in all it was an amazing morning and something Holsworthy can be rightly proud off :)





The idea to sacrifice St John of Hutchings and bury him underneath the tree as an offering to our pagan gods, was put forward by …. well, us at the Holsworthy Mafia. However it turns out that there is a hell of a lot of paperwork involved in sacrificing an actual human being on public ground, and it wouldn’t have been done in time by the 1pm deadline. So we have decided to save that idea for the winter solstice.


Here’s some more photos that were taken this morning.

--- ---- - 2- -6 -3 -4 -7 -8 -9




One last note. There will be a special place in hell for anyone who harms this tree. Banishment to Bude has even been floated as a punishment for anyone stupid enough to hurt it.





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