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If you can take 5 mins to read the crap we write, please take 5 mins to fill out this form.



The Holsworthy Mafia have a favour to ask. We often write stories that are complete nonsense and you the amazing folks of Holsworthy read and comment on them. For that we truly thank you.

Well now we would like to ask that you take a few minutes out of your day and complete a form.


The Holsworthy community involvement group are doing a survey, so local residents can give some feedback on what care and medical needs are required for yourselves and your families. This survey will help them find out what we as a community need and want from our medical services. So please, once again we at the Mafia are asking that you stop what your doing at fill out this form (obviously if your driving or conducting heart surgery, please DON’T stop doing THAT)


So here is a link to the survey :- SurveyMonkey Holsworthy Area

If you haven’t got access to the internet ( how are you reading this? )you can find paper copies at the Holsworthy information center and the Post office.

Here is a picture of the paper survey:-

towncouncilll (2)

(picture taken on a potato)


Also paper copies are being sent out by royal mail to Holsworthy and surrounding areas.


As a thankyou, anyone who completes the survey will become a Holsworthy Mafia member for 47 mins :) (don’t say we never treat you guys).



Updated: September 13, 2018 — 4:01 pm
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