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Bude tourist attraction named as Eighth wonder of the world.



The Colossus of Rhodes, the great pyramid of Giza, the hanging gardens of Babylon and few others we can’t be arsed to remember, have added another magnificent structure to their elite group.


Located on the very edge of Cornwall, right next to Devon (though for fucks sake don’t call any Bude residents Devonian, cause they will twat slap you quicker than a McDonalds disappears at a Weightwatchers meeting), there lies a mystical place know as Bude.


This ancient seaside town is notorious the world over, as the home of the worlds largest sauna,  and also a place where vegans cause criminal damage on a regular basis. Well today the whimsical little town of Bude has had maybe the greatest honour ever bestowed upon it, by none other than the BBC. The BBC today revealed that the ‘Bude Tunnel’ will from this day forth be known as the ‘Eighth Wonder’ of the world. A title previously held by the ‘Grand Canyon’ and ‘Andre the Giant’, among others.


The ‘Bude Tunnel’ is not (contrary to popular belief) a patron of Bed nightclub, but a 70m long clear tunnel running alongside another popular tourist destination known as ‘Sainsburys’.  Described as 230ft of pure bliss, this perspex tube has long been famous amongst locals as a top place to hang out after a good ‘Chung’ing’.


The BBC decided to bestow this great honour after the local hotspot was named the top place to visit in Bude, on a website called ‘Tripadviser’ (no we’ve never heard of it either) and gained some local social media buzz.


The BBC are expected to arrive in Bude within the next couple days to interview some locals and get some reaction from tourists who really couldn’t give a shit and just want their 10 seconds of internet fame.

Cornwall Live is also expected to run 1,675 ad infested articles about the new ‘eight wonder’ and continue to be a suitable media partner for the clusterfuck that is ‘Devon live’.



Here are some other things that Bude is famous for:-


  1. Bude invented the ‘Curry pot and lid’
  2. Bude built the worlds largest and most costly roundabout.
  3. Bude is the worlds largest consumer of ‘Ginsters’ pasties 😉
  4. Bude is the place this author took his 1st Acid tab in 1994.




Updated: September 3, 2018 — 9:41 pm
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