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Victoria hill closes, 50.6 mile diversion in place – Thanks Devon County Council


Devon County Council have decided to enter the biggest fuck-up of the year award competition and its looking pretty close in all honesty as I can’t see anything that could top this.

As we can see here, for two days, Victoria Hill will close, leaving Holsworthians cut off from this pleasant slope from what is Martin McColls and his famous Strobe Till Light to the new M&S Garage which is yet to be completed. The hill is a very short one, but its an important connection between the commercial estate of the Square and other routes to Bude.


Because our County Council are so awesome,they knew Holsworthians would have trouble getting from the top of Victoria Hill to the bottom, the Council stepped in to help with these diversions:

You need to Drive to Stratton, then to Bideford along the Atlantic highway and then back from Bideford to Holsworthy.

The diversion isn’t much, apart from an hour and 20 minutes out of your day, but who cares, you get to see some big dishes and some sea water. We may add that Victoria Hill is about 100m long. The diversion is 50.6 miles of windy roads, that seem to go on and on forever.

The Council haven’t mentioned the two alternative routes past the primary school, or past Memorial Hall car park, but hey, what do you expect?

We spoke to the officer in charge of the diversions, he had this to say:


Devon is suffering from a lack of tourism, by putting a diversion in place, we can share the tourism with those funny scone haters in Stratton, along with our friends in Bideford.




Updated: August 30, 2018 — 10:16 am
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