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Serial moaner suprises absolutley no one by moaning ….. Again.

old git

Every town has one. Large or small, every town can lay claim to having at least one vocal, moaning bastard. Holsworthy is no different. That one person who can’t help but stick his nose into a situation and make matters worse. Well, in our beloved town this gentleman goes by the name of Jerry Khczxzwswicszz.

Jerry can’t help but insert his point of view into a wide range of subjects. His latest moan was directed at the council and the lions club. Yet in a bizarre twist for Jerry he decided he would script his latest moan in the time old tradition of acting like a teenager and moaning about something without actually letting people know what he was really moaning about.

Jerry Kcrrrtswxzxzwt’s moan was as follows   “From the amount of money they were paid by the council they can afford to buy all new equipment next year. ”  …. This moan relates to a trailer that had overturned and is presumed  to belong to the people who provided the fair rides. … First off, Jerry Kythsbswcwr shows a basic lack of economics and secondly, what the fuck is he really on about? No doubt after a few more cryptic comments the townsfolk of Holsworthy will be let in on his current gripe. In the meantime we will update you all when Jerry Kmnhytrrsxzx undoubtedly moans about our piece moaning about his moaning. 

The Holsworthy Mafia would have reached out for comment, but honestly we couldn’t be fucked.



Updated: July 15, 2018 — 1:18 pm
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