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The Floss Dance Ban – What should we be mad at?


We’re good at asking questions at the Holsworthy Mafia and we have a massive one for the Illfracombe school who thought it was a great idea to ban the floss dance. But what should we be mad at? The fact it was banned or the fact that pupils where surrounding kids and intimidating them by dancing.

If you ask me, I think surrounding someone and then dancing to intimidate them is kind of… stupid? I mean its something you’d imagine to happen in one of those stupid Disney musical films…

Now, regarding the ban, its stupid. Banning a dance move is beyond ridiculous. The school says its based on a game called Fortnite and that this is sweeping the world and has fast become the latest craze and this dance somehow has something to do with that game?

Call me old, but I’m already confused. Kids are having a bad influence from a game that has a dance called the Nazi Dance, kills people and is quite violent and this school decides that banning a dance move is the way forward?

I think I cant handle this world, somethings not right, am I living in a false reality? Have I eaten some Novichok accidentally and fallen into a coma where reality isn’t as it seems? I’m so confused. I’m ending my post now. Goodbye.



Updated: July 13, 2018 — 5:53 pm
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