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23 Lions unfortunately lose a game, but Unite A Country ….. ( take note politicians )



23 lions in human form did us proud tonight and united a country. Ultimately they failed in their quest, however even in failure they have made a country feel more together than at any time in the last two years.

The human/Lion hybrids lost out in a game of football to Croatia ( home of the worlds smallest town ) in a tense match that went into extra time. After 120 minutes and unfortunately a loss, the human/lion/dragon hybrids picked themselves up and went and saluted their travelling fans. Showing what true sportsman they really are.

Holsworthy Mafia spoke to Bob from Sheepwash who watched the match on his LG television in his own front room, to get his take on the match. Bob had this to say :-

” Considering most of us thought they would crash out in the group stages, the boys did amazing and showed what hardwork and team spirit can achieve. I havn’t felt this at one with my fellow countryman since the great British public got ‘Rage against the machine’ to the Christmas no.1 in 2009 ”

It is understood by the Holsworthy Mafia that our PM Theresa May has reached out to Sir Gareth southgate, to find out how exactly he has built such a team spirit whithin his squad of Human/Lion/Dragon/Eagle hybrids. Apparently Sir Gareth responded with ” Bugger of and get your own waistcoat ”

England will now face Belgium ( home of Europe’s most punctual airport ) in a match to determine 3rd place :)


Holsworthy Mafia had this to say “Football might not have come home, but pride in our national team DID”




Updated: July 11, 2018 — 9:38 pm
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