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What is Dogging? And why do so many people go Dogging down Holsworthy Woods?


For years, there’s been confusion in the meaning of the word Dogging, but never fear, heres the true meaning and why it means what it means.

Dogging is a factual term to those who love dogs and meet up with their beloved pets at the local woods or car park. They share stories about their pets and pet each others pets for up to several hours. It can also mean taking dogs on walks with friends. Here’s an example:

 Me and my friend Doris went Dogging last night, it was amazing, I was out of breath when I came back, but I felt so good and the dog really enjoyed it. Doris loved it and her Poodle got a lot of exercise last night too.

Dogging has been going on for many decades in Holsworthy woods, from the moment cars became popular, dogging became the norm, its a great activity and the best part, the family can get involved too.

Next time your invited to go out dogging, its worth going. It can be great exercise for the dog and you, we always recommend you take some bags to pickup any mess you make when dogging.



Updated: July 17, 2018 — 4:58 pm
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