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St Peters Fair – Its great and Holsworthy loves it!


For many years, St Peters Fair has been a fun annual event for Holsworthy townspeople, but every year, it does get some negative feedback in one way or another, despite the event being funded by the town businesses, donations and hard work from committee members.

This year, it only took about 5 hours before the first complaint came on on Holsworthy Moan & Grown, the towns local page where all the moaning takes place. Shaun Wheeler decided to voice his opinion of the local music suggesting they where “shit” and they should “go to bed”, but it didn’t stop there, as normal with Facebook, things tend to get out of hand.


As always with St peters Fair, the town gets ready for the party with businesses decorating their shops, taking part in the fun and supporting the fair in whatever way they can.

We’ve always loved St Peters Fair, we love the acts, the atmosphere it brings to the town and what with England doing so well, the St Peters Fair is just another great thing to add to this summer for 2018, a hot, successful year for this country.

We expect many more moans and groans on Holsworthy Moan & Groan, but all in all, the town loves St peters Fair and will enjoy the week of fun music with it, its clear this is true as the square packs out with hundreds of people every year.




Updated: July 8, 2018 — 1:01 pm
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