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Head of Torridge Waste Collection personally delivers waste boxes – Not all hero’s wear capes.


An interesting development has occurred within the politics system of Torridge Council. We actually had to sit down for this one because its quite interesting. I think it does show that not everyone within Torridge Council is a careless buffoon.

The Head of Torridge has been out this morning correcting any issues with the new rubbish waste recycling scheme where our bins have been cut to every two weeks.

He was seen handing out recycling bins to residents of Holsworthy by hand, himself in person. To this, we have to say well done, we understand not everything goes perfectly, the Don blew a roof off a building a few months ago, so we know things can be a pain, but going out there and hand delivering bins to residents is something we can respect.

To you sir, we would like to offer you 47 minutes of Mafia Membership.



Updated: June 15, 2018 — 9:35 am
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