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Holsworthy: 5 great things about the greatest town EVER !!!

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1:  St Peters Fayre. ….   A place to listen to some of the greatest  musical bands the world has to offer. Where you can meet friends old and new, dance, laugh, help local charities and neck a few pints of Doom bar, all at the same time.

2:  Community.   ……   When the shit hits the fan Holsworthy comes together like no other place on earth. Look at what the community achieved when it came to our Hospital, Cricket pavilion, skate park, litter pick etc etc. Honestly If you have real issues, real problems, Holsworthy will be there for you. ( it helps that we are all pretty much related …lol)

3: Dave Millmans fruit and veg stall. …..  What more is there to say ?   He is the Godfather of Holsworthy and an actual national treasure!

4: Our Local services. …. They may be stretched thin at the moment but they always go above and beyond. I’m pretty sure we all know someone who has been helped by our Police/Fire/Ambulance services. And for that they have our eternal gratitude.

5: Groups/clubs/charities. …. Holsworthy has amazing varieties of activities for all ages. From young to old, Holsworthy has something to offer everyone. Here are just a few …  Coffee mornings ? = Covered. Cricket? = Covered. Lions club? = Covered. Karate? = Covered. Kids clubs? = Covered. Swimming? = Covered.  Comedy nights? = Covered. Museum? = Covered. Great dog walks? = Covered. Great park? = Covered.  Please add in the comments any you think we missed  :)


Honourable mention:  We have an actual Saint that walks among us!!!


Holsworthy Mafia realise that these are only a few of the things that make us the greatest Town in the Universe so please add in the comments anything that you think makes our town the best.



Updated: June 14, 2018 — 11:45 pm
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