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NatWest Bank Manager sentenced to NAUGHTY step on North Road for closing NatWest Bank in Holsworthy

NW_logo_stillThe Bank Manager at NatWest in Holsworthy has been sentenced to 3 weeks on the naughty step in Holsworthy for the crime of “being a plonker and closing our bank”.

The sentence begins tomorrow and the bank manager will be given the standard treatment, a bar of lubricated soap, some nuts that can be thrown at his face, he will enjoy nuts in his face.

Heres a list of other considered crimes:

  • Opening a bank for the working man thats only available when the working man is working.
  • Allowing crazy overdraft fees, basically, charging people for being poor and keeping them poor.
  • Putting hard working families at risk with job losses.
  • Shouting out my¬†Adult website subscription on my statement when I asked where all my money went.

We’ll figure out some more crimes too when we can be bothered.



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