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Holsworthy Mafia can confirm that Volunteers helping with the community litter pick later today will NOT receive A council tax rebate, despite doing Torridge district council’s Job.

Holsworthy Mafia spoke to one volunteer, local resident Mr A.Taint from North Road for his take on the subject. He had this to say :-  ” I work and pay my bleddy council tax, so I expect them to do their job, but the useless buggers are more interested in getting upto youthful hi-jinx in that bleddy computer game, Fortnight. !  So if I am doing their job I want a bleddy rebate on my council tax, else what am I paying the buggers for ? …  If i’m not getting a rebate I want a bleddy chocolate magnum and a can of tennents from McColls !”  ( McColls have confirmed that they will not provide these chocolaty and alcoholic goodies )

Holsworthy mafia rang TDC for comment and we received the following answer ” Press 1 for housing, press 2 for benefits or press 3 for council tax ”  Which i’m sure you’ll agree is A pretty baffling response.

So being the humanitarians that we are, the Holsworthy Mafia will offer a FULL 47 minutes of Holsworthy mafia membership as a way of saying thankyou to all who attend.

People who wish to help out with the community litter pick can meet in Holsworthy square at 6pm today (12/06/18)

We hope to see you there :)



Updated: June 12, 2018 — 10:03 am
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