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Holsworthy Naughty Step – Prisoner demands soap bar so he can drop it and expose himself to prison “elements”.

naughty step

The first Naughty Boy to be sentenced to 2 weeks on the naughty step has claimed its harder than prison because freedom is in plain view and around you. He said one of his favorite things about prison was dropping the soap, he really enjoyed being exposed to the prison “elements”, and since being banished to the naughty step has missed these activities.

We’ve taken this feedback seriously and decided implement a softer, more lubricated bar of soap, a looser chain for the torso area to allow for bending over for “picking up the soap” and anyone can assist in any way shape or form with this fun activity.

He also commented on the frozen tomatoes being thrown at him and that frozen fruits are much harder than unfrozen fruits, listening to his concerns, we’ve made some changes. Frozen tomatoes will now be replaced with defrosted nuts and a pole mounted sling shot. He said he looks forward to having nuts in his face.

We spoke to the Don, he didn’t favour the changes, he had this to say:

I’ve had enough with the pandering of criminals. Why are we changing their punishment based on their feedback? If you ask me, if your going to do the crime, then don’t tear up and pull yourself together and take your punishment like a real boy.



Updated: June 8, 2018 — 10:57 am
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