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Torridge recycling/waste managment team revealed !!!


We have seen a lot of talk over the last few days about the ineptitude of TDC. So lets be honest here. Torridge district council well and truly dropped a bollock when they rolled out their latest recycling improvements (debacle).  From the utterly baffling letter they posted out, that was more passive aggressive than my Nan’s neighbour. To the middle management “speak” when we phoned, that had more spin than a boy racer burnout. To the failure to deliver the 100,286 different boxes and bags to each household that we would now have to spend 25hrs a day sorting our recycling/rubbish into.

Add to that the utter clusterfuck that led to Bin lorries running out of MOT days before the rollout …. And BAMN you have the perfect storm of incompetence and madness that only the good folks at TDC could deliver.

Well we the Holsworthy Mafia found this to be pretty shitty behaviour.  So we have Identified the council members and thought it right that you (the people they serve) get to see the mouth breathers that are leading this situation down a deep dark hole. ……. And YES it’s probably a fucking POT HOLE !!!!




Updated: June 6, 2018 — 10:03 am
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