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Belt Sander Racing for St Peters Fair and possibly through the summer.

We put it to Holsworthy Town Council and its Councillors that Belt Sander Racing needs to become a monthly summer event.

From the beginning to the end of summer, every 3 weeks, a belt sander race event needs to take place at Holsworthy Market. This event would bring tourists and over a period of a few years, could gain momentum. To host this, its incredibly simple, you have a track in which has  barriers to prevent the belt sanders from flying off the track. The race needs to be filled with atmosphere to get everyone hyped right up.

The belt sanders will be powered by an extended power cord similar to the video below. When the belt sanders hit the telescopic barrier at the end of the track, they will be cut of power and the power leads will prevent them flying off the table. Its all completely safe if done correctly.

As you can see in the video, there are some pretty cool belt sander race cars. A requirements sheet will be given to anyone willing to make a belt sander. Their sanders must meet these requirements in order to race, similar to any race event.

We suggest £10 per entry and a donation box for people to watch. This could be something we could do at St Peters Fair. Its different, fun, unpredictable but most importantly, its totally doable in Holsworthy and we have all sorts of people and handymen who could compete with business names in a fun event for everyone who watches.




Updated: May 23, 2018 — 11:59 am
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