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Summer has come early thanks to Peter Peter & Wright Holsworthy – Legally challenging the summer date.

Peter Peter & Wright

Summer, its absolutely lovely, sunshine, warm rain and heat. The British love the summer, they also love moaning about it as well as enjoying it. We’re a special kind here, if its cold, we moan, if its hot, we moan, I guess that’s just the typical British person. Summer officially starts on the 21st of June, but not for Holsworthy!

Peter Peter & Wright Solicitors have announced summer is here! Despite repeated legal letters to the sun asking it to withdraw from its summer activities, they haven’t heard back and have had to take desperate attempts to block the sun from their office, they’ve opened their awning.

By Opening up their awning, Peter Peter & Wright have announced Summer for Holsworthy. By opening their awning, this tells us the sun is high enough to cause the heat to become a problem, this generally occurs in the summer months. Peter Peter & Wright have officially announced summer for Holsworthy on the 23/05/2018, almost a month early. 

We’re less than a few weeks from St Peters Fair, we’ve seen questionable adults wearing no shirts with cans of Stella walking around with badly designed tattoos and there has been many BBQs already. Its no doubt that Peter Peter & Wright are indeed right to say it is summer. Besides, who are we to argue with a solicitor firm, of course they’re right, its part of their name.

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