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Station Road Stationary Car Park to get Fire Station, Ambulance Station, Police Station & Train Station


Since the moaning and groaning over the last couple of years regarding Station Road has began, there has been large conflicts of opinion on whether cars should be parked on Station Road or not and whether residents have priority or not. The large debate which in recent weeks has turned to severe violence among the community including criminal damage has come to an end.

Station Road is to become a car park for stationary vehicles.

What does this mean? Well, you can park your car here if your car is to become stationary (parked). Only when your car is parked may you park your car here, but if your parked car wont be parked, then you cannot park here.

We’re also going to suggest that a Fire Station is opened on Station Road where stationary fire trucks including pump station trucks can park stationary on Station road at Station Road fire Station. We believe to uphold the law of Station Road, there should be a Police Station on Station Road. This will allow the Pump Station Fire truck leave the Fire Station on Station Road at which point, the truck wont be stationary. To assist with the Fire Station on Station Road and the Station Road Police Station, an Ambulance Station would be required. This is to help Station Road victims who may get run over by the Pump Station Fire Truck leaving Station Road, it could also help the Police if they have to issue reasonable force to Station Road residents who don’t park their cars Stationary in Station Road or when they park their cars in the way of the Pump Station Fire Truck if it ever needs to leave the Station Road Fire Station on Station Road.

Did we add, we think it would be a great opportunity to open a Train Station on Station Road too? This can help bring supplies to Station Road Fire Station, Station Road Police Station and Station Road Ambulance Station. The Train Station on Station Road would also be quite Stationary too in its fixed foundations on Station Road.

So Station Road, a road full of stationary cars and lots of public service stations including Station Road Train Station.



Updated: May 17, 2018 — 2:21 pm
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