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Vampire Tax is a thing according to Devon Live, Nottingham Post and Scrap Car Comparison


The Vampire Tax is a real thing and its a way for the government to drain the blood thirsty for their hard earned VAMPIRE cash. The scheme is very simple, if at night (thats important, because Vampires only drive at night) you park your car in the wrong direction of the traffic flow, you could get a parking fine. What does this mean? For example, if your driving along a road looking to park and you drive across the other side of the road to park with the front of your car facing the oncoming traffic, Mr C**T the Traffic Warden will take £25 off you. If you park your car on your side of the road with your car facing the correct way to the flow of traffic, then you wont get a fine.

This is a highway code law which hasn’t been properly enforced, but according to Devon Live who got this from the Nottingham Post who got this from Scrap Car Comparison who got this from the highway code, you are liable to a penalty.

So Vampires, make sure your car is parked correctly. We hope we’ve been of some assistance to you this afternoon.



Updated: May 16, 2018 — 1:41 pm
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