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The Traffic Warden strikes again. Ticketing a broken down unmovable car.


The local traffic warden strikes again. He’s back. And we thought it was over. No one is invincible to the Beer Money fund of Torridge Council as they laugh evilly similar to the Dr Evil Scene from Austin Powers.

A fellow member of the Mafia broke down in a limited short stay parking bay in Bideford and was issued a parking ticket even though the AA was called and the vehicle was unmovable. The fault turned out to be a faulty engine which needed a replacement head gasket. The Car in question, a 2003 Rover 25 ended up getting a £25 parking fine.

Apparently, traffic wardens don’t understand uncontrollable circumstances. The Rover was eventually ended up in car heaven. Via a car crusher.

Bloody traffic wardens!



Updated: April 25, 2018 — 9:27 am
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